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B-52s: Live In Germany 1983 (Hudson Music) Hudson MusicUNK2.04:3 Out02/08/201103030999489207/02/2012
B-52s: Live In Germany 1983 (Immortal Classics) Immortal ClassicsUNK2.04:3 Discontinued09/14/2010871217705734409/23/2012
B-Girl (FilmRise/ Blu-ray/ On Demand DVD-R) FilmRise20092.0LBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Out11/09/201581852201385502/16/2016
B-Girl (Screen Media Films) Screen Media Films20092.0LBX Out01/26/201085245900258201/15/2016
B-Girl (Screen Media Films/ Blu-ray) Screen Media Films20095.1 DTS-HDLBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Cancelled01/26/201085245900260501/15/2016
B.B. King: Live In Africa '74 Shout! Factory19742.04:3 Out02/24/200982666311043211/20/2014
B.B. King: Sweet 16: Live In Africa Pioneer19745.14:3 Discontinued01/22/200201302316609701/25/2008
B.B. King: Live In Africa Pioneer19745.14:3 Discontinued04/28/199801302300429001/02/2010
B.B. King: Standing Room Only (Ariola) Ariola19902.04:3 Out04/17/200788697087069604/08/2007
B.B. King: Standing Room Only (S'More Entertainment) S'More Entertainment19905.1/DTS4:3 Out01/16/200708935370022503/10/2014
B.B. King: The Blues Anthology (Cleopatra Records/ DVD/CD Combo) Cleopatra RecordsUNK2.04:3 Out07/24/201588946600142012/15/2016
B.B. King: Live At Royal Albert Hall (Blu-ray) Shout! FactoryUNK5.1 DTS-HDLBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Out03/20/201282666312948903/31/2014
B.B. King: Live (Image) ImageUNK5.1LBX, 16:9 Discontinued07/12/201101438171302208/15/2016
B.B. King: Live (Image/ Blu-ray) ImageUNK5.1 DTS-HDLBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Out07/12/201101438171315207/12/2011
B.B. King: Blues Anthology (DVD/CD Combo) Cleopatra RecordsUNK2.04:3 Discontinued09/15/200974115781702711/19/2009
B.B. King: Live At Montreux 1993 (Blu-ray) Eagle VisionUNK5.1 DTS-HDLBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Out06/02/200980121333329503/17/2010
B.B. King: Live: Soundstage (Jewel Case) KochUNK5.1LBX, 16:9 Cancelled05/05/200974195266849710/23/2014
B.B. King: Live (Geffen Records/ Blu-ray) Geffen RecordsUNK5.1LBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Discontinued11/25/200860251783689108/15/2015
B.B. King: Live (Geffen Records) Geffen RecordsUNK5.14:3 Discontinued02/19/200860251753107907/09/2015
B.B. King / Joan Baez: Live: Sing Sing, Ossining, NY, 1972 Phantom Sound & VisionUNK2.04:3 Discontinued01/01/2008401122230049204/01/2009
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