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Title Studio Year Sound Version Status Release Date UPC Updated On
P (Tartan Video) Tartan Video2005SUBLBX, 16:9 Out10/20/200984249800004503/27/2014
P (Tartan Video/ Old Version) Tartan Video2005SUBLBX, 16:9 Discontinued03/11/200884249803061507/02/2009
P (Tokyo Shock) Tokyo Shock2005SUB4:3 Out10/31/200663159506438409/09/2007
P!nk: Greatest Hits ... So Far!!! (DVD/CD Combo) Sony BMG EuropeUNK2.04:3 Discontinued11/23/201088697807242909/23/2012
P!nk: Greatest Hits So Far!!! (DVD/CD Combo) La Face RecordsUNK2.04:3 Out11/16/201088697806592611/16/2010
P. King Duckling: Discovery Duck Shout! Factory20162.0LBX, 16:9 Out12/12/201782666318227912/12/2017
P. King Duckling: Seize The Day!: Wombat's Big Surprise! / Hill With A View / Speed King Duckling / P. King's Cool Castle / ... Shout! Factory20162.0LBX, 16:9 Out09/12/201782666317932309/19/2017
P.D. James: Cover Her Face (Koch) Koch19852.04:3 Out06/07/200574195266069901/16/2006
P.D. James: The Black Tower (Koch) Koch19852.04:3 Out06/07/200574195266109212/06/2011
P.D. James: The Black Tower (Lance Entertainment) Lance Entertainment19852.04:3 Discontinued04/15/200372091780202212/06/2011
P.D. James: Cover Her Face (Lance Entertainment) Lance Entertainment19852.04:3 Discontinued02/04/200372091780092902/13/2006
P.D. James: A Taste For Death (Koch) Koch19882.04:3 Out06/07/200574195266059012/06/2011
P.D. James: A Taste For Death (Lance Entertainment) Lance Entertainment19882.04:3 Discontinued04/15/200372091780212112/06/2011
P.D. James: Unnatural Causes (Koch) Koch19932.04:3 Out06/07/200574195266119101/16/2006
P.D. James: Unnatural Causes (Lance Entertainment) Lance Entertainment19932.04:3 Discontinued07/08/200372091780252702/13/2006
P.D. James: Original Sin (Koch) Koch19962.04:3 Out06/07/200574195266089701/16/2006
P.D. James: Original Sin (Lance Entertainment) Lance Entertainment19962.04:3 Discontinued06/10/200372091780232902/13/2006
P.D. James: A Mind To Murder (E1 Entertainment) / P.D. James: A Taste For Death (3-Disc) E1 EntertainmentVAR2.04:3 Discontinued02/14/201274195271609912/15/2015
P.D. James: Black Tower (E1 Entertainment) / P.D. James: Unnatural Causes (3-Disc) E1 EntertainmentVAR2.04:3 Discontinued02/14/201274195271639612/22/2015
P.D. James: Devices & Desires (E1 Entertainment) / P.D. James: Shroud For A Nightingale (4-Disc) E1 EntertainmentVAR2.04:3 Discontinued02/14/201274195271629712/15/2015
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