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Title Studio Year Sound Version Status Release Date UPC Updated On
D'Myna Leagues (Seedsman Group): Collection Seedsman GroupUNK2.04:3 Discontinued09/06/201167790852733703/30/2014
D'Myna Leagues (Seedsman Group): Birth Of D' Birds Seedsman GroupUNK2.04:3 Discontinued06/07/201167790852193906/09/2011
D'Myna Leagues (Seedsman Group): Golden Boy / On The Road Seedsman GroupUNK2.04:3 Discontinued06/07/201167790852203506/09/2011
D'Myna Leagues (Seedsman Group): Psych Out / Mungomania Seedsman GroupUNK2.04:3 Discontinued06/07/201167790852213406/09/2011
D'espairsRay: Horizon (DVD/CD Combo) Universal Music InternationalUNK2.04:3 Discontinued01/06/2009498800554060712/29/2012
D'espairsRay: Kamikaze (DVD/CD Combo) Universal Music InternationalUNK2.04:3 Discontinued01/06/2009498800552483612/29/2012
D'espairsRay: Redeemer (DVD/CD Combo) Universal Music InternationalUNK2.04:3 Discontinued01/06/2009498800555162712/29/2012
D'Angelo: The Best So Far (DVD/CD Combo) Virgin RecordsUNK2.04:3 Out06/24/2008509992137162205/23/2008
D'Myna Leagues (Trinity Home Entertainment): Birth Of D' Birds Trinity Home EntertainmentUNK2.04:3 Discontinued04/26/200569286505833503/29/2011
D'Myna Leagues (Trinity Home Entertainment): Psych Out / Mungomania Trinity Home EntertainmentUNK2.04:3 Discontinued04/26/200569286506033803/29/2011
D'Myna Leagues (Trinity Home Entertainment): The Golden Boy / On The Road Trinity Home EntertainmentUNK2.04:3 Discontinued04/26/200569286505933203/29/2011
D-Day: Code Name Overlord Entertainment Distributing19982.04:3 Out02/27/200701130162014907/06/2012
D-Day: Code Name Overlord (Old Version) Entertainment Distributing19982.04:3 Discontinued03/15/200001130162003311/18/2012
D-Day: The Price Of Freedom (Tell Me Why) Tell Me Why20062.04:3 Out10/11/201670962922603610/11/2016
D-Day: The Price Of Freedom (Tim Gray Media/ On Demand DVD-R) Tim Gray Media20062.04:3 Out06/04/201373621146206009/29/2016
D-Day: Code Name Overlord (Blu-ray) Timeless MultimediaUNK2.0LBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Out10/19/201001130120122507/06/2012
D-Day: The Normandy Invasion (2-Disc/ Tin Box) Timeless MultimediaUNK2.04:3 Discontinued11/13/200701130168423305/12/2014
D-Day: 60 Years Anniversary Commemorative Edition (Madacy/ 2-Disc) MadacyUNK2.04:3 Discontinued05/18/200462826100689206/18/2009
D-Day (Special Commemorative Edition/ DVD/CD Combo) St. Clair EntertainmentUNK2.04:3 Discontinued05/11/200477796603992301/09/2009
D-Day: 60 Years Anniversary Commemorative Edition (Entertainment Distributing/ 3-Disc) Entertainment DistributingUNK2.04:3 Discontinued02/25/200401130162923408/12/2014
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