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Title Studio Year Sound Version Status Release Date UPC Updated On
I'm No Angel (Universal/ Vault Series/ On Demand DVD-R) Universal19332.04:3 Out11/21/201402519226307103/23/2015
I'm No Angel (Image) Image19331.04:3 Discontinued03/18/199801438142302003/23/2015
I'd Give My Life (Alpha Video) Alpha Video19362.04:3 Out03/06/201208921867269803/06/2012
I'll Name The Murderer (Sinister Cinema/ On Demand DVD-R) Sinister Cinema19362.04:3 Out05/27/200888362953538802/05/2013
I'd Give My Life (Reel Enterprises) Reel Enterprises19362.04:3 Out02/14/200888362947010803/03/2012
I'll Name The Murderer (Alpha Video) Alpha Video19362.04:3 Out08/22/200608921851469107/05/2014
I'll Name The Murderer (A2ZCDS) A2ZCDS19362.04:3 Out10/03/200588201260083202/05/2013
I'll Wait For You (Archive Collection/ On Demand DVD-R) Warner Brothers Digital Dist.19411.04:3 Out04/10/201288331647911702/25/2015
I'll Sell My Life (Alternate UPC) Alpha Video19412.04:3 Discontinued09/25/200708921852397606/30/2014
I'd Climb The Highest Mountain (On Demand DVD-R) Fox19512.04:3 Out03/25/201402454390149504/05/2014
I'll See You In My Dreams (1951/ Archive Collection/ On Demand DVD-R) Warner Brothers Digital Dist.19512.04:3 Out02/11/201488331699568606/29/2015
I'll See You In My Dreams (1951) Warner Brothers19512.04:3 Discontinued04/10/200708539113721406/29/2015
I'll Take Sweden (Olive Films) Olive Films19652.0LBX, 16:9 Out06/21/201688709012201606/21/2016
I'll Take Sweden (Olive Films/ Blu-ray) Olive Films19652.0LBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Out06/21/201688709012211506/21/2016
I'll Take Sweden (MGM/UA) MGM/UA19651.0LBX Discontinued05/17/200502761692347904/08/2016
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (Kino Lorber Studio Classics) Kino Lorber Studio Classics19882.0LBX, 16:9 Out02/02/201673832920059602/02/2016
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (Kino Lorber Studio Classics/ Blu-ray) Kino Lorber Studio Classics19882.0LBX, 16:9, BLU-RAY Out02/02/201673832920060202/02/2016
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (MGM/UA) MGM/UA19881.0LBX Out01/09/200102761685787312/29/2015
I've Been Waiting For You (Artisan) Artisan19982.04:3 Discontinued08/19/200301223614317802/11/2005
I'll Be Home For Christmas (1998) Buena Vista19985.1LBX, 16:9 Out10/08/200278693614288408/22/2013
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