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Title Studio Year Sound Version Status Release Date UPC Updated On
T&A Teacher Critical MassUNKSUB4:3 Out03/04/201474261714292503/04/2014
T&A Teacher (Vanilla Series) Critical MassUNKSUB4:3 Discontinued05/01/200774261707082212/13/2014
T-Bird Gang (Alpha Video) Alpha Video19591.04:3 Out11/04/200308921842749608/26/2003
T-Bird Gang (Miracle Pictures) Miracle Pictures19592.04:3 Out01/01/200309032830979407/17/2005
T-Bird Gang (BCI Eclipse / Brentwood) BCI Eclipse / Brentwood19592.04:3 Discontinued03/20/200178736441839802/01/2009
T-Men (ClassicFlix/ Special Edition) ClassicFlix19472.04:3 Out10/10/201785196800717010/17/2017
T-Men (ClassicFlix/ Special Edition/ Blu-ray) ClassicFlix19472.04:3, BLU-RAY Out10/10/201785196800718710/17/2017
T-Men (Classic Media) Classic Media19472.04:3 Out11/14/200679601979778806/07/2016
T-Men (Sony Wonder) Sony Wonder19472.04:3 Discontinued10/18/200507464521569301/09/2007
T-Men (VCI) VCI19471.04:3 Discontinued04/30/200208985983082202/19/2006
T. Rex: Born To Boogie (Sanctuary Records/ Special Edition) Sanctuary Records19725.1LBX, 16:9 Discontinued06/20/200606076884169709/23/2012
T. Rex: Born To Boogie (Sanctuary Records/ Special Edition/ 2-Disc) Sanctuary Records19725.1/DTSLBX, 16:9 Discontinued06/07/200506076884149909/09/2013
T. Rex: Born To Boogie (Rhino) Rhino19722.04:3 Out09/28/200460349703772805/03/2008
T. Rex: Metal Guru (3-Disc) Classic Rock LegendsUNK2.04:3 Discontinued04/01/200882388002607203/07/2013
T. Rex: Music In Review (w/ Book) Classic Rock LegendsUNK5.14:3 Out04/03/200782388002352105/03/2008
T. Rex: Electric Warrior (Expanded & Remastered) RhinoUNK5.14:3 Discontinued01/13/200408122761119412/16/2011
T. Rex: T. Rex (Special Edition EP) Classic PicturesUNK5.1/DTS4:3 Discontinued04/08/200363499114292205/03/2008
T.A.M.I. Show (Shout! Factory/ Collector's Edition) Shout! Factory19642.0LBX Out03/23/201082666311742411/17/2014
T.A.M.I. Show (First Look) First Look19642.04:3 Cancelled07/17/200768779780039812/04/2009
T.D. Jakes: Making Great Relationships By Making Great Decisions (DVD/CD Combo) Central South DistributionUNK2.04:3 Out02/04/201382956981232504/14/2014
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